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Melissa J. Lauffer (F)
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=2nd cousin of Lawrence (Larry) Eugene Eamigh.
Relationship=4th great-granddaughter of George (Jorge) V. (Von) Emigh (Emig) Sr..

     Melissa J. Lauffer is the daughter of Charles Clifford (Tut) Lauffer and Lois Marie George. She married Thomas Grunst on 8 September 1975.

Last Edited=12 Oct 2003

Children of Melissa J. Lauffer and Thomas Grunst
Tammy Lee Grunst (living)
Megan Michelle Grunst (living)
Brittany Alissa Grunst (living)


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Larry Eamigh
1115 Shores Blvd, Rockwall, Texas 75087

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