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Abreo, Celia Pansy to Albuerquerque, Celeste
Alfano, Catherine Badoura to Ammerman, Winter
Anderson, Albert to Archibald, Unknown
Ardouin, Anne to Avfiett, William Pernell
Bachmurski, Mary to Baer, Wade Scott
Bailey, Unknown to Baker, Shawn
Ballash, James Emory to Barnett, William
Barngesser, Clara E. to Baston, Jessica Lorraine
Baty, Brenton Andrew to Belique, Pierre II
Belknap, Leah Beth to Bertrand, Louis
Betourne, Angelique to Blois, Pearl Maud
Bolwine, Elizabeth to Braden, Virva N.
Brady, Jonathan to Brumbaugh, Unknown
Brunger, Eloise to Bunzer, Scott Jerrald
Burd, Unknown to Burley, Tamar
Burns, Connie Lee to Cable, Philip
Callahan, Britton to Cassidy, Virginia Lynn
Cayuse, Suzanne to Claster, Marla Sue
Clatsop, Marguerite to Cole, Melissa
Cole, Robert Joseph Jr. to Conner, Thomas Edward
Cook, Asher Samuel James to Cox, William Franklin
Craig, Graham Allen to Crowell, Penny Gayle
Crowl, Donald to Crum, William Harvey
Crusan, Faith Ann to Davis, Wanda
De Rainville, Anne to Decker, Unknown
DeHart, David to Dobrick, Joseph
Dollar, Charles Sr. to Dreier, Tammy Louann
Dreier-Page, Zachary Aaron to Dumont, Sophie
Duncan, Ada to Duncan, Terri Lynn
Dunehue, Ella May to Eamigh, Charles Gordon
Eamigh, Charles H. to Eamigh, Esker Vernon
Eamigh, Ethel Florence to Eamigh, John Robert
Eamigh, June Mary to Eamigh, Mary Elizabeth
Eamigh, Mary Jane to Eamigh, Ronald
Eamigh, Ronald Dean to Eamigh, Yvette Toni
Earl, Almira/Elmira to Elmore, Sam
Emerson, Nancy Reynolds to Fernandez, Luis
Ferranti, Richard to Fleck, Harry S.
Fleck, Hazel to Fleck, Unknown (2)
Fleck, William to Francis, William Stewart Jr.
Francisco, Reba Elaine to Gagnon, Sophie
Gallagher, Cameron Jesse to George, Stephanie Lynn
Gervasi, Carol to Gnew, Steven George
Goans, Stanley to Graham, Unknown
Green, Murray to Groslouis, Pierre
Grunst, Brittany Alissa to Haase, Travis Lee
Hahn, Alisyn Noelle to Hanson, Eugenie O.
Harpster, Alexander Nathaniel to Heeley, Hannah
Helsel, Albert to Hess, William
Hestbek, Unknown to Hood, Larry Paul
Howard, Lorna to Iler, William
Imes, Emert G. to Jennings, Mary Pauline
Johnson, Daniel E. to Kaline, Elizabeth Mae
Kamloops, Marguerite to Keough, Vincent Patrick
Kerzman, Alyson Faye to Klosky, Vivian Faye
Klotz, Abraham to Kunsman, Gertrude Helen
Kupko, Carol Jean to Laroc, Marie
LaRoque, M. to Lauffer, George Francis
Lauffer, George Francis Jr. to Lauffer, William H.
Layton, Isaac Albert to Lingenfelter, Arthur C.
Little Crow, Mary / Marie to Long, Nancy Gail
Long, Peggy Ann to Lotz, Sally J.
Love, Craig to Mack, Shelly Yvonne
Mailloux dit Desmoulins, Louise Therese to Marcoux, Therese
Marsh, Frank to McCartney, Unknown Sister-7
McCarty, Alice Gail to McCosh, Troy Russell
McCoy, Dorothy Jeanne to McMillan, Victoire
McMillin, Anthony Todd to Merritt, Truman Henry
Metz, Andrew to Miller, Unknown
Milone, John Morgan to Moore, Mary
Moorehead, Earl to Morgan, William James
Morin, Antoine to Murray, Paul
Musnug, Barbra to Newton, Wilfred E.
Nicademus, Harold to Ober, Unknown
Oberley, Elaine Ann to Palmer, Raeanna Jean
Papindick, Sandra to Paul, William H.
Payne, Gerald Francis to Perdue, Winnifred
Peterson, Florence Evalena to Petit, Pierre
Petrick, Charles Donald to Picard, William Joseph
Piller, Isaac to Plummer, Silas
Poet, Mary to Pringle, Ella
Pringle, Elva to Pringle, Philip W.
Pringle, Retta to Pringle, Winfield S.
Prudy, Caroline to Rainville, Celia Pansy
Rainville, Charles to Rainville, Inita Blanche
Rainville, Irene to Rainville, MaeBelle
Rainville, Malvina to Rainville, Paul
Rainville, Paul Vincent to Rainville, Zella Irene
Ralhcike, Alma Edith to Reed, Unknown
Reilly, Tracey Ellen to Richardson, William
Richey, Julie to Robinson, Henry Wittman
Rocha, Rene Eileen to Rondeau, Cyndia
Rouzer, Alma Louis to Safko, Patrick Allen
Sample, Brian to Shaffer, Winfield Scott
Shannon, Keziah to Sherbine, Wallace
Shoemaker, Heather L. to Siska, Joseph Albert
Sisson, Margaret Sarah to Smith, Mary L.
Smith, Mildred L. to Smoker, Robert Gene
Snyder, Jack to Stahn, William
Stanton, Mary E. to Stewart, James Ellis
Stewart, James F. to Stewart, William Lee
Stinnett, Kimberly Ann to Strayer, Richard Wayne
Styles, Belinda Jane to Tetreault, Joseph
Thomas, Greg Allen to Trout, Paula Ann
Troxel, Hans (Trachsel) to Unknown, Nettie
Unknown, Patricia (Pat) to Vallee, Therese
Vance, Brian A. to Vigeant, Anastasia
Waggoner, John to Wagner, Stoney William
Waiters, Edna to Warfel, Mary
Warner, Mary Christina to Wertz, Mary
West, David to Williams, Theodore Ronald
Willis, Barbara Virginia to Wolters, Heather Lynn
Wood, George to Wright, Unknown
Wruble, Eddie to Zimmerman, MaeBelle


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