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Jesse Andrew Eamigh (M)
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=2nd cousin 1 time removed of Lawrence (Larry) Eugene Eamigh.
Relationship=3rd great-grandson of George (Jorge) V. (Von) Emigh (Emig) Sr..

     Jesse Andrew Eamigh is the son of Harry Garfield Eamigh and Elda Gertrude Braughier. He married Mary Ellen Cowen on 11 November 1946.

Last Edited=25 Nov 2003

Children of Jesse Andrew Eamigh and Mary Ellen Cowen
Jessie Ellen Eamigh+ (living)
John Macasalin Eamigh b. 4 Nov 1951, d. 7 Nov 1951
David Andrew Eamigh+ (living)
Rebecca Eamigh+ (living)
Daniel Warren Eamigh+ b. 31 Oct 1958, d. 5 Jun 1979
Matthew Eamigh+ (living)


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Larry Eamigh
1115 Shores Blvd, Rockwall, Texas 75087

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